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Garlock GARD Style BLUE-3400 (Gaskets)
Garlock GARD Style BLUE-3400 (Gaskets)
Garlock GARD Style BLUE-3400 (Gaskets)
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IDR 1.00

Specification of

Garlock selling BLUE-GARD Style 3400 (Gaskets)

Benefits Excellent Sealability Unique blend of aramid fibers, fillers and a SBR rubber binder provides improved torque retention and drastically lowered

emissions levels Cost savings Cuts operational costs through reduced:-Waste-Waste-Maintenance-Stocked inventory-Fluid loss-Energy consumption Media Water Saturated steam * Inert gases * These styles are not preferred choices for steam service, but are successfulWhen adequately compressed.


The minimum recommended assembly stress = 4, 800psi. Preferred assembly stress = 6,000-10, 000psi. Gasket thickness of 1/16 "strongly preferred. Retorque the bolts/studs prior to pressurizing the assembly.

For saturated steam or superheated steam 150psig above, consult Garlock Engineering. Specifications: min. Temperature:-100 (° F) Max. Temperature: 700 (° F) Continuous Max: 400 (° F) Max Pressure: 1.200 (PSI) Maximum 1/16 PxT: 350.000 (° F x PSIG) Maxim

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