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Glasswool Ply aluminum
Glasswool Ply aluminum
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Specification of Glasswool Ply aluminum

Glasswool Tangerang Aluminum Coating Based on customer's request, we develop our own Glasswool-based products coated Aluminum Foil. With these combinations, the sound suppression function becomes better in addition to the heat isolating function. Type we offer is 2 that is: 1. Density 16kg / m3 Thickness 2.5cm and wide 1.2x30 (36m2) 2. Density 16kg / m3 thick 5 cm and wide 1.2x15 (18m2) In addition we also provide Glasswool, Rockwool, Aluminum Foil shaped sheet, Woven, Bubble, Foam, Thermal Insulation, Fire Brick.Rockwool

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