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Klinger Milan Laminate TOP 200
Klinger Milan Laminate TOP 200
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Specification of Klinger Milan Laminate TOP 200

sell Klinger Milan Laminate TOP 200

Material composition KLINGERmilam PSS

is an asbestos-free sealing material on mica base with a perforated 0.1 mm thick stainless steel 1.4401 AISI 316 or reinforcement. It is impregnated with high-quality silicon oil.

The phlogopite mica, an aluminosilicate of mineral origin, has a fiber-free lamellar structure. Properties The special properties of the material are its thermal stability (weight loss at 800 ° C less than 5%).


Together with its extreme resistance toward chemical substances such as solvents, aggressive acids, bases and mineral oils, interesting application options become available.

Applications Because of its specific properties, KLINGERmilam PSS can be used advantageously upward of 100 ° C, Originally used in the emission areas at high temperatures up to 1000 ° C, often with an inner eyelet, it is now increasingly used with high tempera-ture processes. If contact pressures of 40 MPa and more can be realized, tightnesses comparable to those of common sealing materials can be reached


. Applications such as acid HNO 3-azeotropic systems at 6 bar and 400 ° C,

NO gas at 4 bar and 400 ° C,

Salt reactors above 400 ° C

and catalysis processes at over 800 ° C

with dimensions of more than 6 m diameter demonstrate the potential Dimensions of standard sheets the Size of the plates: 1, 000 mm x 1000 mm Standard thickne

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