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Packing tesnit donit BACF 4000 (085101653220)
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Specification of Packing tesnit donit BACF 4000 (085101653220)

Donut packing test BACF 4000 (085101653220)Graphite GasketTesnit BA 203 Packing, Tesnit Ba 203 Blue .BA-U, BA-50, BA-CF, BACF-4000, Grafilit® SF, Grafilit® SL, Grafilit® SP and others. TESNIT® BA - 203 is a special gasket material based on aramide fiber and nitrile rubber NBR. It has good resistance to water, gas, oil and fuel. TESNIT® BA - 203 includes medium application loads. Material approved by Germanischer Lloyd. Basic: Aramide fiber, NBR. General properties and applications: Oil resistant gasket material for medium loads. GASKET Economical quality is very suitable for good durability. Max. Operating conditions: Peak temperature: 250c Continuous temperature: 200c With steam: 160c Pressure: 50 Bar Thickness: 0, 5 mm, 0, 8 mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mmRubber Gaskets and Gasket Materials

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