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Graphite ringAir Turbine BlowerOffered by us, is a broad spectrum of graphite Crusibles
which is produced using high-quality seeds and blocks
fine graphite grains with precision dimensional control. This is most appropriate
for melting and casting precious metals in the jewelry manufacturing industry.
The range of graphite lighters offered by us is also used
to dilute various precious metals. Our range is available in
various graphic values ​​and suitable for casting gold gems
use high grade graphite. Next, we offer a cup
melting graphite made for various types of machines such as Nutech,
Yasui, Gelloni and Sultize, depending on client requirements.
Some features of graphite crucibles are as follows:
Dimension control
A smooth ending
Increased efficiency
Reactive nature
Maximum resistance to oxidation
Corrosion resistant
Resistant to heatSeal, Machine Seal and Industry

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