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UHMW PE 1000 sheets of green color
UHMW PE 1000 sheets of green color
UHMW PE 1000 sheets of green color
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Specification of UHMW PE 1000 sheets of green color

UHMW PE 1000 sheets of green color Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)/PE 1000 Sheets (Sheets) is a resin-based products have a molecular weight greater than 4 million US gm/Mole. It is important that we don't confuse UHMWPE with High Density Polymer (HDPE) because HDPE does not show superior UHMWPE wear characteristics because of the lower molecular weight. As molecular weight polyethylene increases, abrasion resistance and non-stick karakteristenhanced IK. liners is widely used around the world as the ideal promotional flow liners. plastic basket Properties: abrasion resistance-the highest of any polymer, 6 times more wear resistant than steel-Anti Weather water absorption in electrical properties are excellent-good performance against environmental stress cracking, 200 times that of regular PE-no adhesion-lightweight and easy to handle and repair-cost efficient; So low-energy consumption Does not rot, split or cracked; 100% recyclable materials of large ships to industrial material handling application-easily processed plastic back protection mat ground-instant Street Creats more almost all types of terrain -mud, sand, swamp, uneven or soft terrain-very durable to withstand the weight of the vehicle up to 80 tonnes-tested in extreme hot and cold climate application: this product can be used in the field of textile machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery, electric appliance, transportation machinery, Port machinery of the ship: the ship, the rollers side, wear-resistant blocks and other parts for crane bridges; General: various teeth, shells bearing, ring, slide plates, the Agency guides, elastic clutch, rollers, wheels n

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