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ValQua 6502 and 6503 Valqua Gaskets
ValQua 6502 and 6503 Valqua Gaskets
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Sell ValQua 6502 and 6503 Valqua Gaskets

Specification of ValQua 6502 and 6503 Valqua Gaskets

selling ValQua 6502 and Valqua 6503AC Valve, ValQua 1500 ValQua 6500AC, ValQua GF300, Valqua no 7020 valqua no 7026 valqua no 7010 valqua 7010-ex

Product Specification ValQua 6502 Pack ValQua 6502 Black Sheet Super Sheet (Super Black Sheet) Description: High heat and vapor resistant Non-Asbestos joint sheets that inhibit hardening caused by heat damage, by combining highly heat-resistant, special rubber binders. Made of inorganic, inorganic and carbon-fiber resistant heat as well as the minimum amount of organic fiber required. Excellent sealing characteristics due to smooth sheet surfaces and highly dense structures .gasket Applications: Ideal for use as joint surface gaskets for flanged pipes, valve caps and covers of various industrial units requiring heat resistance in the petroleum refining, chemical and manufacturing industries ship. Temperature: - 50 - 214 C Thickness: 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm. Size: 127cm X 127cm

we also accept the manufacture of flange gasket packing

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